Ryder offers electric vans on short-term lease

To give businesses a flavour of using electric delivery trucks, US van leasing company has made the C-Series Workhorse electric step van available to customers on short-term rental.

The first Ryder electric vans are available for short term rent in California this month through the COOP peer-to-peer truck sharing programme.

The vehicle has 28.3 cubic metres of cargo space and has can weigh up to 5.8 tonnes when fully loaded. Thanks to its composite frame and other chassis weight saving measures Ryder claim that the Workhorse has a range of 100 miles per charge.

Thanks to its existing charging infrastructure in California, the state is to be the first for the roll out. Long term leases will be arranged through the Ryder ChoiceLease and SelectCare schemes.

“We see immediate opportunities for customers to realise the benefits of our electric vehicles and turnkey infrastructure model, starting with the Workhorse C-Series van, as it fulfils a huge need in this new economy where demand for electric last-mile delivery vehicles continues to increase,” said Chris Nordh, Senior Director – Advanced Vehicle Technology & Energy Products, Ryder System, Inc. “COOP is the perfect launch platform for new technology vehicles such as the Workhorse C-Series electric van as it provides customers the ability to try the vehicles in various markets without any long-term commitment. Our customers have already expressed a strong interest in Workhorse’s vehicles, and we are excited to bring this program forward.”

With a just added $70 million in investment, Workhorse now has “almost $110 million of cash to support our accelerated production efforts and working capital needs,” said Workhorse CEO Duane Hughes.

“We have delivered their first two C-1000s and are very excited to partner with them in offering our electric C-Series vehicles to their customers across the country,” said Hughes of the Ryder partnership. “We are confident that we will be seeing new orders soon once their customers see the revolutionary nature of our products are and how accessible they are through Ryder.”