Ryder to rent out Chanje trucks

Logistics truck rental giant Ryder Systems has agreed to become the main sales channel partner and service provider for Chanje, the California startup company which launched its new electric vehicle range last week.

Miami based Ryder said in a statement that it has placed its first order of Chanje trucks, that will initially be “distributed to Ryder locations in strategic US markets and be available for ChoiceLease customers in the coming weeks”.

A certain number of the Chanje EV trucks will be added to the Ryder commercial rental fleet so customers can have the opportunity to use the Chanje advanced vehicle technology on short term bases.

“We believe electric vehicles will play a major role in the future of commercial transportation and we are proud to partner with Chanje to bring an all-electric medium duty vehicle to market,” said Dennis Cooke, President, Global Fleet Management Solutions for Ryder. “Through our strategic partnership, Ryder and Chanje will collaborate to promote energy efficiency and innovation in the industry.”

For Chanje, having a major player like Ryder as a first customer is a very good move as it both takes advantage of the nationwide network and allows people to experience driving electric rental trucks without committing to buying them. This should serve to drive sales in the US, and may well make Chanje the Tesla of the truck market.

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