Sainsburys tests green reefer delivery truck

Supermarket giant Sainsburys has claimed that it has become the first company in the world to introduce a refrigerated delivery vehicle that makes no carbon emissions from its cooling system. The delivery truck is cooled by a liquid nitrogen powered engine that the company claims, will “eliminate all emissions associated with refrigeration”.

The new truck will be tested in a three month trial, operating from Sainsburys Waltham Point depot, and will deliver chilled goods to stores in the London area.

According to Sainsbury’s, “Based on the revolutionary British invention, the Dearman Engine, the new system harnesses the rapid expansion of liquid nitrogen to deliver zero-emission power and cooling.

“Traditionally many refrigerated trucks require two diesel engines, one to power the vehicle and one for the refrigeration unit. By replacing the latter, Dearman believes that a more sustainable solution for refrigeration may soon be widely adopted on Britain’s roads.”

In the race to reduce carbon emissions, reefer vehicles and trailers seem to be one of the latest battlefronts. Keeping goods chilled within safe temperatures or frozen costs a lot of energy and companies are looking at ways of significantly improving their efficiency or reducing their emissions to zero where possible. Last week, Apex Insight reported how freight company Fowler Welch is testing out a new refrigerated trailer whose cooling unit is powered by the rear axle transferring energy into the cooling unit. The company claims that this could save 14 tonnes of carbon emissions per year once fully operational.

Sainsburys move could well give it the edge in the general race to be less impactful on the environment. Other companies may soon follow.