Sandd workers reject PostNL contracts

The merger between PostNL and Sandd has been completed, according to local reports. As part of this, just 4,300 Sandd workers (of 13,000) agreed the new PostNL contracts and will work with the newly merged company.

Of the 11,000 delivery drivers at Sandd, all were offered new contracts but 40% of them rejected the offer outright. Of those who said they were interested in the new terms and conditions, just 4,000 have signed up to become postal delivery staff. In addition, only 300 other workers including drivers and sorters have moved to the postal operator.

On Sandd’s website it says: “With one strong national postal network, we keep mail delivery reliable, accessible and affordable for everyone in the Netherlands.”

After 20 years of competition for mail in the Netherlands there is now just one monopoly as there was pre-privatisation. Sandd controlled around 30% of the postal market (mostly business deliveries) in the country while PostNL had around 70%.