SAPO launches marketing campaign to combat trust issues

In response to recent bad press on the matter and a general lack of trust among the public, South Africa Post Office (SAPO) has launched a new marketing campaign saying that they deliver parcels ‘without delays or problems’.

“The South African Post Office now delivers parcels efficiently and without delays with the margins of error reduced to zero percent,” the SAPO said in its latest marketing campaign.

“Customers now receive SMS notifying them about their parcel. Call us today – 0860 111 502 our well-trained staff are on standby to assist you,” it added.

SAPO has had issues delivering parcels on time and has a reputation for losing them in transit.

Former SA Post Office CEO Mark Barnes told local media outlets that he has hopes the postal operator can become the #1 player in the e-commerce final mile delivery market. This is in part due to its network that reaches even remoter parts of the country, unlike its rivals.

Barnes added that the Post Office was investing in its infrastructure and working with “local and international online retail players”.

Trust from the public at large has dwindled thanks to reliability. If SAPO can turn this problem around then local observers say it has real potential.


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