Save Canada Post campaign hits Ontario

With Canada’s mail service looking to cease delivering post direct to people’s doors to save money, the Save Canada Post Campaign has opened a new front in Ontario.

The proposals by Canada Post include using community mailboxes to deliver mail and parcels, as opposed to delivering it direct to people’s doors in the face of the global trend that has seen email replace a large amount of traditional postal services, and impacting the turnover of the national postal service.

The Save Canada Post Campaign is on the road, and stopped by in Timmins, Ontario yesterday before setting up a Town Hall meeting in North Bay at 1630 local time today. It will have a rally on Friday in Scarborough outside an MP’s house who voted against saving home delivery in a recent vote.

The campaign is supported by opposition political parties and unions, and has widespread public support. National President of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers Mike Palecek said of the campaign, “People are telling us they value their public postal service and they want to keep it.”