Scandit launches contactless POD app

Logistics tech company Scandit has released a new point of delivery (POD) app that is designed to improve compliance with social distancing rules. DB Schenker has been among the first to roll it out across operations.

Thanks to Covid-19, there have been issues with customers refusing to touch handheld devices. This is even while there has been a surge in online orders thanks to lockdown in many countries across Europe. This has led to calls for a contactless POD system.

The Scandit POD app is free for all companies using it for the next six months to the 30th September. It can be run on a smartphone and the customer scans a QR code that opens the app. Using the app they scan the package and they then sign on their device to confirm delivery or pickup.

Samuel Mueller, chief executive of Scandit said: “When we heard from customers about this problem, we quickly created the app.

“In an effort to make it widely available as soon as possible, we’re offering it free for six months to any company that can benefit from it.”

Dastan Namousi, demand and eService manager at DB Schenker, Nordics, said: “Due to the pandemic, we needed a way to ensure the safety of our drivers and consignees who were not comfortable with signing for shipments on our handheld devices.

“We needed a fast and simple solution for customers to sign for shipments on their own mobile devices. Scandit already provides barcode scanning software for one of our terminal sorting applications and we realised that the same solution could be used for this new signing application.”