Scania latest member of carbon free transport coalition

As part of plans to decarbonise commercial transport by 2050, E.ON, H&M group, Scania and Siemens have got together in a coalition of interested companies.

“There is no doubt that green energy will power the transport system of the future. The transformation of the heavy commercial transport sector impacts a full ecosystem of players.,” said Marc Hoffmann CEO of E.ON Sweden.

The coalition has published a report called, ‘The Pathways Study: Achieving fossil-free commercial transport by 2050’. It shows that a carbon free commercial transport system is economically viable and achievable. Decarbonising commercial transport is required in order to meet the Paris climate accord.

In the coalition’s eyes, industry and politics need to unite to bring about change. Therefore, the coalition of companies aims to build knowledge, seek innovation and potential partnerships within their operations and respective ecosystems. “Climate is one of the most important priorities for any company today,” said Anna Gedda, head of sustainability at H&M. “But it is only when we join forces with other key players in the industry that we can achieve ambitious goals.”

The “foundation that we are laying with this coalition of the willing is a very important step that demonstrates how we will be driving change,” said Scania president and CEO Henrik Henriksson.