Scottish govt to name and shame overpriced parcel delivery

The Scottish Government is asking Scottish householders to share their experiences of high delivery costs on a new website. This comes after repeated concerns expressed that certain communities in the Highlands and Islands are getting a raw deal with regard parcel delivery.

It is estimated that in Scotland, online shoppers pay £36 million a year more on parcel delivery than the rest of the UK.

The website is crowd sourced and the Scottish Government plans to map out excessive delivery fees on the website next year. Certain locations mistakenly labelled as remote – but aren’t – will be exposed and the delivery fees appropriately adjusted.

SNP Business Minister Jamie Hepburn said: “Unfair delivery practices are not only frustrating and discriminatory for consumers, they are a barrier to small businesses operating in rural and remote areas.

“This action plan reinforces our commitment to ensure the delivery market works for people across Scotland, irrespective of where they live.

“It will empower online shoppers to recognise and act upon unfair or misleading delivery costs.

“We will also continue to call on the UK Government to take action.”

Citizens Advice Scotland chief executive Derek Mitchell said: “We are delighted to be supporting Fair Delivery Day.

“Citizens Advice bureaux from across our network along with our partners, including Trading Standards, have been raising issues around parcel delivery charges for a number of years and they have played a vital role in lobbying for positive change for people affected by unfair surcharging, most often in rural communities.”