Second Swiss Post drone crash

A second Swiss Post medical samples drone has crashed in Switzerland, bringing the programme to a hold for the second time this year.

The drone wasn’t carrying cargo but crash landed in woodland outside Zurich just before 11:00 on Thursday according to local police.

The remains of the drone was recovered by Swiss Post technicians.

On 25 January, a Swiss Post drone that was carrying laboratory samples across Lake Zurich was forced to initiate a controlled emergency landing and landed on Lake Zurich.

The Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) has determined the cause of the incident. According to the STSB’s final report , it is highly likely that a short circuit led to the emergency drone landing. It stated: “The short circuit interrupted the power supply to the GPS. The drone’s safety mechanisms worked flawlessly: as intended in such cases, the drone initiated the emergency landing itself. To do so, the drone stops its rotors and opens its parachute. The drone glides downwards, emitting a high- pitched whistling sound and using bright blinking lights to attract attention.”

While there have been two crashes, these are the first in several thousand flights.


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