Secured Mail offers lifeline in case of oversubscription on Black Friday

With an expected £1bn of goods expected to be bought on Black Friday this year, Secured Mail has announced it is offering a lifeline to any online retailers overwhelmed by orders. Many were unprepared for the wave of business last year.

Black Friday this year is expected to produce four times the volume of online sales that were made last year. Though it is a huge opportunity for e-tailers, it can also be a strain on their logistics systems.

Secured Mail has offered a ‘disaster recovery’ contingency to online retailers who have problems delivering their goods. The firm has two central sorting hubs in Luton and Warrington that between them have the capacity to sort 10 million items every day. Thihs should be enough to handle the expected rush.

The Chief Executive of Secured Mail Mark Bigley said, ““We can step in to sort out last-minute logistical issues real-time during Black Friday, all is not lost as we have the capacity, technology and expertise to achieve instant recovery.”