SEKO and AGWorld open new Asian doors to customers

SEKO Logistics and AGWorld are to create cross-border growth opportunities for shippers doing business between Asia and the US. This comes off the back of trade disputes leading to the need for broader geographic supply chain solutions.

Between the two companies, AGWorld and SEKO are to offer their clients a unique platform to develop new trade relationships. This will leverage AGWorld’s network of offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Taipei, Shenzhen, Guangzhou Manila and Ho Chi Minh City among other locations and SEKO Logistics’ more than 120 branches in 40 countries.

Their clients in Asia, as well as those buying from the region, will gain access to SEKO’s 60-branch network across North America as well as its demand chain solutions, including Last Mile across the United States, White Glove, Omni-Channel Logistics, Cross Border Parcel Consolidations and Domestic Expedite.

Thanks to the problems between China and the US, there is a greater need for companies to have greater access to other countries in the region as they search for new sales and supply channels.

James Gagne, President & CEO, of SEKO Logistics, said: “We are excited to be partnering with AGWorld. We see this as a long-term relationship with outstanding potential to broaden our growth in the US, Asia and Europe. Both companies have a great deal to offer each other and our respective clients. SEKO customers will gain from greater access to the Southeast Asia market with AG World’s significant airfreight tonnage and scalable capacity platform, while AGWorld clients in the high-tech, retail, manufacturing, healthcare and other industries can plug into our coast-to-coast US network and SEKO’s proven value-added 3PL and forwarding expertise, cross-border parcel platform with Section 321 and Type 86 express clearance capabilities and portfolio of services bundled with its award-winning technology.”

Shirley Yeung, Chief Operating Officer of AGWorld, said: “This partnership will provide numerous benefits to our clients who have grown with us as their global freight forwarding partner.  They will now have access to SEKO’s focused service offerings in Omni-Channel Logistics, White Glove and other value-added services and locations to complement our best-in-class freight forwarding services. Additionally, we’re excited to offer our scope of services to SEKO’s clients and locations with focus on airfreight forwarding into the United States from Asia.”

Terry Unrein, Chief Commercial Officer of SEKO Logistics, said: “The timing of our partnership is not only very significant to us but, most importantly, to our customers who can now expedite their growth in 2020 and beyond using our enhanced value-added forwarding solutions. We will now be able to offer additional services for our North American and European clients across more markets in Asia, allowing us both to leverage our complementary airfreight solutions bundled with our global omni-channel logistics network and white glove services.”


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