Sendcloud – customers want greener deliveries

More than 60% of UK online customers believe the government should force delivery companies to reduce their CO2 emissions according to research from e-commerce platform Sendcloud.

At the same time, seven out of 10 believe there should be a TrustMark to ensure that information on CO2 deliveries is made available to the public. This would show whether an online retailer is reducing their emissions and could ultimately help show the CO2 emissions per parcel.

Should a retailer show that a parcel locker / pick-up-drop-off point is a more environmentally friendly option, 62% of shoppers would opt for that instead of home delivery.

Sendcloud has made suggestions as to how to offer more sustainable delivery options. One would be to offer a more sustainable option alongside a less sustainable option. As a next step, the sustainable option would be pre-selected, given that when something is pre-selected most customers choose that option. The company has shown that eight of 10 customers will be willing to pay extra for a greener option (up to £1 per delivery), sharing the costs with the retailer.

“Consumers want more sustainable delivery options but they also want to see the full effects of their purchases on the environment,” remarked Rob van den Heuvel, CEO and co-founder of Sendcloud. “Even though governmental action can help to accelerate the greenification of deliveries, there is still a lot that retailers and consumers can do themselves. Providing information about CO2 emissions and/or pre-ticking the most sustainable choice as the default encourages consumers to choose the most sustainable delivery option at checkout. Even something as simple as a sustainability icon or compensating emissions by planting trees can go a long way in persuading consumers to go green.

“Retailers can do their own part now by communicating clearly to their customers and promoting the impact of their efforts. Retailers need to consciously encourage consumers by giving them the choice to go green and choose clean.”

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