Sendcloud launches all-in-one shipping platform in UK

E-commerce all-in-one-shipping platform Sendcloud has announced the launch of its product in the UK market.

With online sales rocketing in the country (in August sales grew by 51.6%) and European shoppers increasingly buying internationally, the company claims that its product will reduce the complexity and expense of international shipping.

The Sendcloud all-in-one shipping platform gives retailers access to local carriers across the EU, simplifying and reducing the costs of transit. It automates the challenges retailers face in the shipping and delivery business, reducing costs and improving delivery times. The platform also has an integrated returns management system.

Rob van den Heuvel, CEO and co-founder, Sendcloud, commented, “While bricks and mortar stores continue to recover from the pandemic, e-commerce is booming and as a result, the online customer experience is becoming more demanding. Handing over a parcel is no longer a simple business transaction but part of the overall customer experience, so creating a seamless experience is a win-win situation for both online retailers and consumers. Launching Sendcloud into the UK market provides a great opportunity for us to empower British e-commerce businesses and retailers with a simple, scalable shipping solution.”