Sendle partners with GLS US

Royal Mail owned GLS US has partnered with Sendle to provide services to US small and medium sized businesses, offering faster time in transit, competitive rates and reliable shipping.

“The eCommerce boom has turned shipping into the new battleground for small businesses,” James Chin Moody, co-founder and CEO of Sendle, commented. “With GLS, we’re taking on the longstanding UPS and FedEx duopoly, and providing more shipping alternatives so small businesses can create a competitive edge at checkout.”

Launched in 2019, Sendle aims to reshape the parcel delivery landscape for small businesses. It has helped more than 800,000 SMEs globally streamline this operations using a reliable shipping service that competes with their larger competitors in simplicity, convenience and cost savings.

In the face of the surge in e-commerce during the pandemic, major carriers like UPS and FedEx have increased peak surcharges and their base rates, impacting SMEs’ bottom line. In addition due to capacity shortages the same carriers have imposed volume caps, limiting these businesses’ growth potential. In order to round these issues, they have been forced to use multiple carriers, adding to processing and admin time. In being a one-stop-shop for multiple carriers, so Sendle answers this problem.

In working with GLS US, so Sendle can allow its SME customers access to similar services available to large businesses, competing strongly on price with UPS and FedEx – up to 88% cheaper than with the major carriers for a similar or better service. The service is also 100% carbon neutral. Through GLS, Sendle can serve businesses sending to and from Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

“We know small business owners are extremely busy, and they need easy interaction with their carrier so they can spend more time on their business. GLS-US is the small business partner–we know we’re delivering their brand and that’s important. We are continuously expanding capabilities with the small shipper in mind,” says Millie Tarallo, Chief Commercial Officer of GLS. “We’re excited to partner with Sendle to back small businesses with a shipping alternative that’s optimized for them.”