Sendle rolls our solar powered fleet

Working with Bonds Couriers, Australian carbon-neutral parcel delivery company Sendle has rolled out a fleet of solar powered delivery vehicles for small business parcel delivery.

The electric vans are powered at the Bonds depot in Western Sydney with 319 solar panels. With the solar power in their batteries they are capable of 10 hour working days, covering 200km and still returning to the depot with ample charge. Each vehicle saves 22 grammes of CO2E per kilometre as against fossil fuelled vehicles, which equates to saving 19 litres of petrol for every 200km day.

Sendle co-founder and CEO, James Chin Moody said: “We believe that shipping can be good for the world and environmental stewardship is a key part of that. The devastating bushfires this year were a terrible reminder of what is at stake if we don’t take action to drastically lower our carbon emissions. Everyone, including business, has an important role to play in creating a sustainable future. It’s mission critical that we continue to reform the industry and the arrival of Bonds’ solar powered electric vehicle fleet couldn’t be more perfectly timed.

“We are Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and we’re always looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint and optimise for sustainable delivery across the entire network. We’re proud to partner with Bonds as part of that commitment.”

Bonds Couriers CEO, Jonathan Ryce, said:  “Working with Sendle to roll out electric vans charged by our very own solar array is a pivotal moment for our business. Our partnership has seen us delivering an increasing number of parcels for small businesses in the e-commerce industry and there’s huge interest from our customers for electric vehicles and sustainable shipping. We hope this move will inspire our peers in the industry to know that doing greener business is not only possible but vital to our long term viability.”