Sendle sees major spike in Melbourne demand

Australian zero carbon delivery carbon delivery company Sendle saw a major spike in demand in Melbourne last week when face masks became compulsory in the city. Thanks to people ordering face masks from small businesses the delivery company saw an increase of 80% over the volume of the same period last year.

Sendle’s e-commerce clients experiencing a major spike in demand included face mask makers Stitch and Scribble and Kamoddity Nwaoma Australia.

James Chin Moody, Sendle CEO: “As an essential service, Sendle is honoured to be delivering much needed face masks to Melbourne during this second lockdown. We deliver for small businesses all over Australia and it’s fantastic to see some of our customers reviving local manufacturing and producing vital equipment like the Australian made P2 face mask. We’ve been delivering thousands of them to Victoria this week for our customer Aussie Pharma Direct, along with many other local businesses who are helping meet the demand.”