Seur aims to reduce delivery emissions by 30%

Spanish delivery company Seur has announced it is to use electric and low emissions delivery vehicles in 20 Spanish cities by 2025, with the aim reducing its carbon emissions per package by 30%.

Seur is going to incorporate 500 electric and natural gas vehicles along with a network of 103 charging points. It is also using route optimisation software to reduce mileage per package. In addition the delivery company is to put more urban hubs into operation as well as growing its pick-up/drop-off network of convenience stores and smart lockers.

“Aware of our responsibility to the planet and its citizens, we intend to be the most sustainable express transport company. We not only have part of the responsibility for climate change, but also the opportunity to be part of the solution. With this in mind, we have decided to act decisively by reducing our emissions in cities with the largest population,” explained Alberto Navarro, CEO of Seur.