SF Express and Cainiao – clash of the titans

Chinese delivery giants SF Express and Alibaba affiliate, Cainiao have clashed in a dispute over logistics data access.

In a report published in the Alibaba-owned South China Morning Post, the issue was explained: “At issue is access to SF’s decision to stop sharing logistics data with merchants from Alibaba-owned online marketplace Taobao.

“SF Express claimed in a Shenzhen stock exchange filing that Cainiao had removed it as a shipping option, and blocked access to data, leading to considerable customer confusion.”

The SCMP article said that Cainiao “responded by saying that it was the courier [i.e. SF Express] that first walled off information”, and also added: “Alibaba’s Cainiao has now told merchants to select other couriers in response to SF Express’ decision to stop sharing data involving to customers with the company.”

In the face of the dispute, China’s State Post Bureau has now stepped in as a mediator, issuing a notice urging both sides to sort out their differences.

“Both parties should seek a solution on the basis of the largest possible common ground, abide by market order and consumers’ rights and refrain from exerting severe and negative social influence because of company feuding,” the bureau said.
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