SF Express oversize service to US

Chinese express delivery company SF Express has announced it has begun a value-added service enabling customers to ship overweight or oversize packages from China to the US.

The SF Express service began yesterday (1st March). It is available for export customers who wish to ship goods from southern China (Guangdong, Guangxi, Hainan, Fujian, and Jiangxi provinces) to the US and can be applied to the SF Express International Standard Express and the Economy Express services.

The SF Express notice added: “In order to secure the safety of your oversize and/or overweight packages during delivery, SF Express will need to allocate extra resources. If packages are oversized and/or overweight, SF Express will charge an additional International Oversize and Overweight Services Fee, which will be fixed at 260 RMB per package. Packages are considered oversized if they fit the following dimensions: 200cm < length ≤ 250cm, 80cm <width ≤ 150cm, 70cm < height ≤ 150cm; 70kg < weight ≤ 130kg.”