Shipsi goes nationwide

US based same-day delivery company Shipsi has expanded its operations nationwide from its base in Los Angeles.

There are a number of new companies that Shipsi is working with. These include tech enabled fulfilment service ShipBob, Cloud EDI solution Orderful, e-commerce strategy firm Rogue Advising, custom boxes and branded packaging firm Arka and digital commerce solutions provider Guidance.

“The partnership extends Shipsi’s and ShipBob’s networks, enabling both brands to make faster deliveries in more locations and servicing more e-commerce brands,” said Shipsi in a statement.

Founded in 2017 in LA, it now provides same-day delivery to more than 600 cities across the US – from 150 cities in the final quarter of 2018.

Shipsi was initially created as an aggregation tool for traditional logistics. But company staff realised that retail brands were struggling to meet consumer demands on fast shipping, due to opacity in the last-mile and also because of the extensive fragmentation in the market. What followed was Shipsi’s aggregation of the last-mile network, capitalising on the aggregation to get broader geographic coverage and the ability to deliver specific goods based on size, weight and dimensions.

Chelsie Lee, CEO and co-founder at Shipsi commented: “We are continuously working to complete the last-mile circle and the partnerships we have created over the last six months are just the beginning. These relationships have opened up a wider and deeper retail reach for us to expand to larger retailers and higher volume delivery,”

“In an age where two-day shipping is the norm, retailers constantly struggle to find a cost-effective solution. With Shipsi’s expanded list of partners that touch all aspects of omnichannel – fulfillment, packaging, EDI, etc., we’re poised to help retailers of all sizes deliver goods faster to their customers,” she adds.

“It’s been exciting to see Shipsi’s momentum so far,” said George Wojciechowski, Co-Founder of ShipBob. “Chelsie and the Shipsi team are leaders in last-mile shipping, and providing all ecommerce businesses with the ability to offer fast, affordable shipping is a shared goal of ours. We’re looking forward to continuing ShipBob’s partnership with Shipsi and how it can offer another link in the logistics supply chain to create truly great customer experiences.”


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