Shipt launches Preferred Shoppers scheme

US ultra fast delivery company Shipt is launching a new feature called ‘Preferred Shoppers’ where the customer can choose and build up a relationship with specific Shipt delivery shoppers.

The Shipt Preferred Shoppers programme is only to open to Shipt members (for a $99 annual fee) and in trials has been shown to offer shoppers a more reliable shopping experience thanks to the shopper getting to know the wants and needs of their client.

While there has been a boom in grocery delivery thanks to the pandemic, this has also meant that less experienced shoppers have moved into the industry. More experienced shoppers will choose better substitutions that they know the customer would prefer. Less experienced shoppers won’t necessarily be so good at this. The Preferred Shoppers scheme aims to incentivise shoppers to be more careful and to help the best excel.

After the Shipt customer reviews the shopper with five stars they will be offered the option to add the shopper to their Preferred Shoppers list. Should the shopper accept they will be prioritised to shop for those customers in the future. Should they refuse the customer will not be told. The list of shoppers can be edited at any time and a negative review will lead to this being done automatically.

The scheme came about from a raft of requests by Shipt customers to select one particular shopper. When trialled the company said that the scheme led to more orders and orders of greater value by customers as well as an increase in tips for the shoppers that were selected.

“The more often a shopper shops for a customer, the more they learn about that customer’s wants and needs and are able to deliver a tailored shopping experience,” said Karl Varsanyi, chief experience & product officer at Shipt, in a statement. “Preferred Shoppers helps customers get the exceptional service they enjoy again and again,” he added.