Shoppers to spend £209 on average on Black Friday – eBay

Ahead of the Black Friday shopping day on the 27th November, eBay has done some market research and found that on average, UK shoppers will spend an average of £208.94 each during the discounted shopping day across a large number of retailers.

eBay itself expects to see 25 items to be sold every second on the UK online auction site. The company will be making new offers available over eight shopping days in the lead up to Black Friday, that will be made available at 0800 every day.

The online marketplace conducted some research through TNS Ncompass that uncovered some interesting things about UK online shopping habits. 78% of women admitted to wearing the trousers when it comes to Christmas shopping. Half of them (45%) admitted keeping a present they originally planned to be given to someone else. The same women believed that they spent more money on gifts than their male counterparts.

There is a surprising North / South Divide is shopping habits too. Where the South is recognised as being the wealthier end of the UK, Northerners are more generous in their gift buying. Liverpudlians will spend £239.30 where Londoners will spend £181.22.

TNS also ran a survey of shoppers in the US. US shoppers have confessed to buying their Christmas shopping earlier in the year, with 7% fewer Americans leaving it until December than last year. 43% of shoppers confessed to starting their Christmas shopping in November.

With the increase in shopping offers this far ahead of Christmas, it does seem that shopping habits are changing as people tend to spread out their purchases according to the offers that they see. With Argos and other firms offering similar deals to Black Friday only significantly earlier, where there was a glut of purchases made on Black Friday this may well dissipate in the coming years.