Shutl – 5% of ‘sickies’ actually employees waiting for parcels?

According to research by parcel shop network Shutl, as many as 5% of sick days taken by staff could be where they are in fact waiting for parcels to be delivered. This could lose the national economy many millions of pounds in the run up to Christmas as staff choose to wait at home to get their presents rather than get the dreaded Sorry We Missed You slip.

The research also suggested that 50% of UK shoppers will carry out most of their Christmas shopping online this year, and this could lead to a large number of ‘sickies’ being taken.
Shutl has claimed that the survey “raises questions over the UK’s current methods of delivery” and shows that businesses and consumers must “embrace new approaches” to receiving products purchased online.

Those claiming to have dodged work to wait for a delivery blame it on employers’ policies toward goods being delivered to the workplace. Shutl said “over 25% of online shoppers in the UK claim that their workplace is not happy for them to receive personal deliveries at work”.

Head of Direct at Shutle, Jason Tavaria said, “The research is a real eye opener when it comes to the lengths that people are prepared to go to to avoid getting that ‘missed delivery’ slip through the door.”

Somewhat unsurprisingly, as well as suggestions to employers to relax their workplace delivery policies to save on unauthorised sick days being taken, the report from Shutl suggests that people should consider a same day delivery service with a one hour time slot or a click and collect service. One can’t help but wonder whether that might be Shutl?