Shutl – delivery options critical in winning basket

Same day delivery specialist Shutl has published a survey of more than 1000 shoppers that found that 95% would consider going to another retailer should a website be unable to offer a delivery option that suited their needs.

Meanwhile 41% of shoppers said to Shutl that they would ‘definitely’ shop elsewhere if the last mile delivery option offered wasn’t right for them.

In addition the survey also found:

Twenty per cent of shoppers find that Christmas shopping is the most stressful part of the Christmas experience.

One in four (25% of shoppers said that they wished Christmas shopping was easier.

And finally, one in twenty (5%) of people in the survey never shop online.

Commenting on the findings, Jason Travaria, head of Shutl, said: “An on-demand lifestyle is taking hold in the retail space as customers seek instant gratification in more aspects of their everyday life.  Technology is facilitating a shift in control, making it easier for customers to shop around online and setting higher expectations in the process.  For retailers, this means that the one part of the supply chain process that the retailer usually has least control over – delivery – is becoming the deciding factor at securing sales.”

Shutl is in the vanguard of the within the hour delivery phenomenon, and enables its client companies to compete with the likes of Amazon in getting goods to the customer within the day. Shutl’s survey is perhaps reflective of what we will see in the next year as same day delivery gathers pace across the industry.
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