Shutl launches Click & Don’t Collect service

UK same day delivery delivery company Shutl has launched an arrangement with River Island to run a Click & Don’t Collect service.

If a customer changes their mind or plans and cannot collect their goods from a River Island store, the company can now redirect the goods to a Shutl courier and have them delivered within 90 minutes to the customer’s door instead or at a time that is more convenient.

Shutl published some research earlier this year that suggested that 20% of Click & Collect customers don’t end up collecting their goods having changed their minds. This causes stock problems for retailers having the goods but not being able to offload them. Announcing the new service, Shutl said, “Click and collect has shifted from being a competitive advantage to becoming a necessity for multi-channel retailers… With the retail sector approaching its seasonal peak, click and collect is set to become even more challenging.”

River Island’s move to working with Shutl is an attempt to keep the customer by making their goods available to them via a new channel at a greater level of convenience. Chief Information Officer Doug Gardner said of this move, “We have a number of click and collect orders that customers have paid for and are subsequently unable to collect from store. The rigours of modern life mean that it is not always convenient for them to make the time to go and receive their goods, and, in order to avoid simply refunding the customer, we found the solution offered by Shutl a highly effective one in terms of customer convenience and saving sales.”

The e-commerce delivery market is rapidly developing and evolving, and the new move from Shutl adds opportunities for online shoppers, while improving stock flow from wholesaler to customer. The new option of courier delivery should ramp up the competition in the same day delivery market too.