Siemens develops new Misplaced Items Clearer

Robotics giant Siemens has developed a Misplaced Items Clearer (MIC) for crossbelt sorting systems.

A large number of small and lightweight e-commerce items can end up on the cover between crossbelt carriers during induction. This can end up blocking the crossbelt carrier, causing delays throughout the sorting system and staff having to manually clear them. They can also be delayed in delivery thanks to this happening. The delays can impact costs. The MIC is set to resolve this issue.

The Siemens device uses sensors between the crossbelts to detect the errant packages. Using compressed air it moves those items to an outlet, allowing consignments to be processed immediately without interrupting sortation operations. One example where this will be of particular benefit is express distribution centres at airports that have small time windows for parcel processing.

“It is our aim to optimally support our customers and to offer them innovative products with the highest benefit,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “The MIC hits the mark here, especially for e-commerce shipments the new development means that delivery time commitments are even better met and costs are reduced.”

The Siemens MIC can be installed on any sorter, irrespective of manufacturer and doesn’t require integration into the system.