Siemens releases RUBUS automated unloading system

Siemens Logistics has developed at fully automated truck unloading system called RUBUS that the tech giant says will help improve efficiency at sorting centres.

The growth of e-commerce has driven the development of the technology. RUBUS speeds up the unloading of trailers significantly and helps drive efficiency into sorting operations.

“Siemens’ RUBUS optimizes the parcel unloading process fundamentally,” said Michael Reichle, CEO of Siemens Logistics. “With this new technology, unloading is possible without any manual intervention. It is therefore up to 20 times faster than before. With RUBUS, we are setting a milestone in innovations and support our customers in significantly increasing their productivity.”

Gert Seidel, CEO of Siemens Logistics in the USA, added, “RUBUS has been successfully integrated into existing facilities in the USA and has shown top performance during operations. Additional benefits are a much faster trailer turnaround, no physically demanding manual unloading, and facilities can be designed with a smaller physical footprint and significantly fewer inbound dock doors.”

The belt-based Siemens RUBUS unloading system allows parcels to be unloaded automatically and at high speed. The company claims it has a throughput of some 25,000 units per hour, that is controllable at a control centre to match system capacity. The RUBUS system can easily be adapted to any facility without structural modifications.


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