Singapore Airlines works with Alibaba to create smart logistics network

As part of the deal between Singapore Airlines and Alibaba, the airline is also to tap into the e-commerce giant’s digital and logistics networks, enabling it to get a greater grip on the fast-growing travel market in China.

In the announcement made by the two companies, they also announced plans to collaborate Mary is covering ticket sales, marketing initiatives, cloud services and logistics at a press briefing held at Alibaba’s headquarters in eastern Hangzhou on Tuesday (Aug 21).

Singapore Airlines now has access to more than 600 million mobile users active on the Alibaba e-commerce platforms.

“We have important capabilities and experiences to offer, based on valuable insights gained from serving the world’s largest group of online consumers,” said Fliggy president Angel Zhao, who is also vice president of Alibaba Group and president of Alibaba Global Business Group.

“This strategic collaboration will mark a new chapter in our complementary relationship, as we share resources and cooperate with each other to create a new digital service experience for consumers,” she added.