SingPost aims at carbon neutrality by 2030

Singapore’s SingPost has announced it plans to have zero carbon domestic operations by 2030 and for its global operations by 2050.

“SingPost is committed to our purpose of making every delivery count for people and planet. As Singapore’s leading logistics company, we are committed to positive changes by focusing on our environmental and social responsibility. Our net zero target signifies this commitment,” said Michelle Lee, Head of Sustainability & Corporate Services, SingPost.

It is looking at climate related financial risks and opportunities as part of its plans, and will attempt to adapt to opportunities while attempting resilience against the risks.

SingPost will work on technological innovations to help meet those requirements and plans to work with stakeholders and technology innovators on this journey. It has for example piloted a reusable packaging initiative with WWF-Singapore where retailers and customers can return used packaging for reuse.

Such collaborations would help others tackle their own climate related goals in an ecosystem-wide approach. SingPost also plans to work with the aviation sector, technology innovators, financial institutions and other groups to help reduce its – and their – impact on the climate.