SingPost and POST Luxembourg sign agreement

Singapore Post (SingPost) and POST Luxembourg have together signed a strategic collaboration agreement today that will allow them to provide comprehensive end to end (E2E) e-commerce logistics solutions between Asia and Europe.

From the end of September, POST Luxembourg will be the new European gateway for the Asian postal operator and SingPost will POST Luxembourg’s new gateway to Asia.

Both companies’ customers will have E2E tracking of their e-commerce shipments and delivery times will also be more predictable.

Mervyn Lim, Covering Group Chief Executive Officer of SingPost, said: “Our collaboration with POST Luxembourg will boost our presence, capabilities and e-commerce logistics network in Europe. POST Luxembourg’s strategic location in the heart of the continent, and its excellent relationship with the customs authorities, will benefit our customers and their businesses.

“This collaboration underscores SingPost’s strength in forging close working ties with partners around the world that enhance our global eCommerce logistics ecosystem.”

Claude Strasser, Chief Executive Officer of POST Luxembourg, said: “It was important for us to find a strategic partner covering the entire Asian territory. We will benefit from SingPost’s access to the Asian market and it allows us to attract European e-commerce customers with a true value proposition.”

Volunteer or be regulated it seems, and a number of companies both within the EU and around the world such as POST Luxembourg and SingPost are seeking agreements with their opposite numbers in other countries to make it easier and cheaper to send and receive e-commerce around the world. Where the EU may take years to regulate something like this, bilateral agreements between postal operators can take far less time and could ultimately make regulation unnecessary…