SingPost, SPH, Parcel Santa join forces on parcel collection point network

Three major Singaporean players – SingPost, Singapore Press Holdings and Parcel Santa – have got together to create what will be the most extensive network of parcel collection points in Singapore.

In a statement, Parcel Santa said: “With a combined total of approximately 400 collection points island wide, shoppers will be spoilt for choice in collecting their latest online purchases. This network is almost twice as large than the next closet collection point network in Singapore.”

The network is a mix of smart lockers and manned-collection kiosks.

“SingPost prides itself as a trusted and reliable postal service provider, leading the way to innovative logistic solutions. Expanding our repertoire as an end-to-end logistics solutions provider, we have partnered with Parcel Santa and SPH, understanding the increased efficiency and productivity this partnership would bring to couriers like us,” said Mr. Freddy Chang, Head – SP Parcels of SingPost.

Jim Huang, the CEO of Parcel Santa, added: “We have seen amazing optimization of delivery times since we have implemented the lockers in our 130 condominiums.

“We estimate that on a monthly average, each locker saves an average of 500 minutes a month for couriers making deliveries via the lockers as compared to traditional door deliveries; this is a quantum leap for the logistics industry in terms of scalability to meet the surging eCommerce tsunami in Singapore.”

SingPost, SPH and Parcel Santa have announced plans to grow their network to at least 600 collection points by 2019.