SingPost to be Airbus official logistics partner on Skyways

Singapore Post (SingPost) is to be Airbus Helicopters official logistics partner for the Skyways drone delivery project.

The two companies agreed the deal at the Rotocraft Asia exhibition that is taking place in Singapore. The MoU was signed by Jean-Brice Dumont, Airbus Helicopters’ Executive Vice President of Engineering and Chief Technical Officer, and Mervyn Lim, SingPost’s Covering Group CEO.

The Skyways project is run by Airbus to develop a system for using drones to deliver packages in urban environments. Airbus and the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore signed an MoU in February last year to run the Skyways proof-of-concept trial.

Airbus say that the research and development phase of the project is now at an advanced stage. An initial trial phase of the project is planned for the National University of Singapore in early 2018, delivering small packages within the university campus.

“As the logistics partner for Skyways, SingPost will bring its expertise in software systems that control and manage delivery networks, customer-interface systems and real-time back-end links to a delivery system that serve the last mile,” said Airbus. “SingPost will also contribute its understanding of postal and eCommerce logistics trends to ensure the solutions developed will address the future logistics needs of cities around the world.”

Mervyn Lim, SingPost’s Covering Group CEO, commented: “Drones and other autonomous vehicles are in the future of the logistics industry. The demonstrator that Airbus Helicopters and SingPost will be developing is designed to address real-world challenges such as safe and accurate flight in high rise cities, while meeting the needs of customers.

“Our trial will involve SingPost’s parcel locker technology, and this MoU fits well into our long term plans to develop future generations of parcel delivery points that involve drones and the vertical dimension. Together with Airbus Helicopters’ technologists, SingPost’s engineers will be working to ensure the concept meets the future logistics needs of urban environments like Singapore.”  
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