SingPost trials PostPal smart letterboxes

Singapore Post (SingPost) is piloting a range of new smart-postboxes for blocks of flats in the city-state called PostPal.

The SingPost PostPal system is modular and can be adjusted according to the postal habits of a block of flats. It is keyless, requiring the customer to scan its QR code to open. The customer is given notifications when they receive post so do not need to blind-check their mail. The PostPal machine is auto-sorting, ensuring residents get their mail and it is not put in another box due to human error.

“The PostPal trial has the potential to fundamentally transform and refresh the HDB letterbox infrastructure from a simple, letter-oriented lock-and-key structure to a cutting-edge digital system with capabilities beyond mail delivery, while significantly alleviating labour constraints” said Mr Vincent Phang, CEO of Postal Services and Singapore, SingPost.

“Through its myriad functions, PostPal is SingPost’s first step into our Future of Post vision, which aims to revolutionise not just the logistics sector, but also retail and even community services as well. SingPost would like to thank all involved parties for making this possible.”

Singapore based PBA Robotics has developed the system to be trialled by SingPost. “PBA Robotics shares a common goal with SingPost – which is to realise the transformative potential of smart letterbox to improve lives in urban Singapore, making robotics tech accessible to the masses”, said Mr Derrick Yap, CEO of PBA Robotics.

“We are proud to bring our robotics capabilities to the table and jointly develop this revolutionary solution with SingPost. We believe that this solution is a game-changer.”