SkyBitz launches new trailer detention management solution

Remote asset tracking and information management solution company SkyBitz has launched a trailer detention management solution that will be available to all existing SkyBitz customers.

The Detention Management Solution enables lorry companies to instantly track their trailers while detained at client companies’ yards. It provides an actionable view of all trailers in detention by location.

The system delivers automated monitoring for trailer detention, and reduces driver idle time and thereby reduces fuel costs. The system is triggered during detention events and there are a number of configurable detention alert profiles that ensure good communication between truck company and the trailer.

One of the issues commonly found when a trailer is detained is that truck companies have to manually track the statuses of their trailers while at customers’ yards. This involves calling the client, and the clients are frequently too busy to handle the call or monitor the trailers in question. Where the client is misusing the trailer for storage they don’t have the incentive to notify the trailer owner. When this is finally noticed there isn’t enough evidence to support the claim, or too much time has passed to rectify the problem. This can be identified with the Detention Management System as well as a number of other scenarios.

In knowing the detention time sooner, carriers can retrieve their trailers back and minimise detention time or charges that occur from this. The DMS can also reduce driver idle time by reducing the time searching for trailers, and this impacts on driver hours as well as fuel costs. It helps dispatchers and planners tackle these issues and makes for greater efficiency in fleet management as a whole.

SkyBitz president Henry Popplewell said of the new product, “Many factors cause a trailer to be detained by a carrier’s customer; it is very challenging for dispatchers and planners to monitor the process in a timely manner and be aware of trailer detention without tools.”