Smeg outsources home deliveries to ArrowXL

Top end home appliance manufacturer Smeg UK has awarded a four year delivery contract to two man delivery specialist ArrowXL.

The new contract won by ArrowXL will have the delivery firm providing a dedicated range of premium delivery, in-home and recycling solutions for the appliance manufacturer’s customers.

Under the terms of the deal with ArrowXL, Smeg UK will exclusively use the ArrowXL Platinum service for its larger appliances, including fridges and freezers.

The ArrowXL Platinum service includes specialist handling, assembly, connection as well as connection of high value items. For customers who wish to have their old goods removed, ArrowXL is to provide a Waster Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) recycling service. It is expected that the contract will have ArrowXL crews making around 300 deliveries a week.

Until this deal with ArrowXL, Smeg UK previously used its own in-house logistics network, and it expects that working with ArrowXL will help with its plans for growth.

Another service offered by ArrowXL that drew Smeg to using it is ArrowXL’s service technology offerings. The Platinum service is supported by the AskXL that provides a visual tracking of the delivery vehicle and can help reduce the delivery window to as little as 30 minutes.

Robert Ponting, Operations Director at Smeg UK, commented: “We were thoroughly impressed by the development of the AskAxl app, which enhances consumer convenience and control. This ambition ensured that ArrowXL was the natural choice for Smeg UK.”

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