Sodexo rolls out ‘world’s largest’ fleet of Starship robots

Sodexo is to deploy the world’s largest fleet of Starship delivery robots at the George Mason University’s Fairfax, Virginia campus.

The 25 Starship delivery robots are to deliver food to students, faculty and staff anywhere on the campus. The food retailers include Starbucks, Blaze Pizza and Dunkin’.

This is how the process works: users select their food on the app, drop a pin to where they want their delivery to be sent to and can then watch the robot make its journey via an interactive map. Users receive an alert when the food arrives and can unlock it through the app. Each delivery is to take 15 minutes or less and each robot can carry up to 20 lbs.

“College students understand the benefits of technology on campus and expect it to be integrated into their daily lives,” said Starship Technologies business development SVP Ryan Tuohy. “Our goal is to make life easier, whether that means skipping the line, eating lunch on the lawn rather than in the cafe, or finding the time to eat better when studying for exams. Commuters can even meet the robot on their way into class.”

“We’re excited that our students, faculty and staff get to be at the forefront of this pioneering campus food delivery service,” added George Mason University executive director for campus retail operations Mark Kraner.