Sovex delivers new conveyor system to Deutsche Post

Merseyside based parcel handling system manufacturer Sovex has enjoyed record sales after developing a space saving parcel handling system for Deutsche Post.

The Space Saver Boom is a single vehicle loading system that enables forklift trucks, roller cages and pallet trucks to get past the assembly during normal operations. It can unload any type of trailer or container, and retracts underneath its specially designed roller conveyor to save warehouse space.

Deutsche Post went to Sovex as part of their drive to maintain their market leading position in the European parcel delivery market, and has ordered 76 of the machines along with 25 TL3 telescopic conveyors. Deutsche Post owned DHL Express has also renewed a servicing agreement with Sovex.

Sovex works with a number of other companies in the European parcel delivery market including Hermes and Hermes, and is a regional market leader in its field.