Spat between Austrian Post and Aras Kargo continues

The continuing dispute between Austrian Post and the Turkish operator Aras Kargo has had some developments.

Austrian Post has released a statement today that claims that a recent press release from Aras Kargo contained ‘incorrect information’.

The Austrian Post statement began, “Once again, Evrim Aras, CEO of the Turkish parcel services provider Aras Kargo in which Austrian Post holds a 25% stake, disseminated a press release via OTS which has no basis in fact, is wholly without foundation and full of untruths. The press release is a case of spreading false information and not a different interpretation of certain circumstances.

“It is a fact that Evrim Aras was not appointed to serve as a trustee. Austrian Post filed an application to a Turkish commercial court to appoint a trustee with limited powers. The court granted this motion filed by Austrian Post. The reason for appointing a trustee was the expiration of various powers of attorney at the end of 2016. Accordingly, signature authorisation was transferred to the trustee for specified legal transactions, including those of Evrim Aras. Coordination of the financial department of Aras Kargo continues to be in the hands of the CFO appointed in accordance with the proposal made by Austrian Post…

“Austrian Post will take comprehensive legal steps against this dissemination of false information.

“Austrian Post once again denies all other accusations which have been repeated on several occasions.”

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