Spring – new RFID Tag & Trace

E-commerce goods sent internationally can now be sent with radio frequency ID (RFID) tracking developed by Spring Global Delivery Solutions (Spring), according to an announcement made by them today.

According to Spring its ‘Tag & Trace’ service can feature up to 13 tracking events through the logistics chain. This will allow e-commerce companies to get a handle on when their goods arrive in the destination country, when they are awaiting customs clearance and when they are out to be delivered to the customer.

The RFID tag is read at each tracking event through radio waves rather than hand scanning. This means that the potential for human error is reduced. The RFID tags offer a nearly 100% read quality.

Should the retailer be working with third party logistics they are now able to gauge their performance by seeing exactly when the goods have left the warehouse and follow their journey to the ultimate destination.

Spring says that it introduced the service as it recognises that status updates, shipment information as well as delivery speed are very important to e-commerce businesses.

Paul Taylor, Head of Sales & Marketing UK, Spring Global Delivery Solutions said, “Sometimes the cost of a full tracking service doesn’t make sense for certain goods. So Spring has created Tag & Trace which will provide retailers and customers with essential information previously unavailable.

“The result is that retailers give an even better customer service, add value to their business and stand out from the competition.”

Exporting being the way forward for many e-commerce companies, tracking is becoming an ever greater issue. The Spring RFID tags may well go part way to addressing this.

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