Spring UK preparing for a bumper peak

PostNL owned Spring UK expects to see peak season volumes increase by 25% by comparison to last year.

According to Spring UK’s head of sales and marketing Robert Dundas weekly parcel volumes are set to double during next month.

Dundas believes that a new tier of senior management and a range of new services have led to the transformation in fortunes for the company.

“The increase in business has been considerable since the start of the year and the feedback which we’re receiving is that the systems which we have put in place and the way that we now work with clients is certainly finding favour.

“A growing proportion of the orders placed with UK e-tailers is from European consumers and those businesses – both large and small – need capable delivery partners to deal with them.

“During the last 12 months. we have enhanced the enormous pedigree which we already had with services that offer customers more choice and greater simplicity.

“However, all that has combined with a subtle but important shift in the mindset of clients.

“Given that we function as a broker – dealing with international deliveries via the most reliable networks – our role is quite different to many other logistics operators and it’s that which has seen us become something of a trusted advisor to more and more brands.

“They recognise that good parcel delivery is more than just about price but the kind of quality service we offer which adds value to what they do.

“We believe that new strategic alignment and the focus on innovation and excellence is paying significant dividends, something which is born out by our expectations for this peak season.”