St Kitts and Nevis GPO opens US mainland locker service

In order to enable its citizens to have greater access to e-commerce, the General Post Office of St Kitts and Nevis has launched a new mailbox services that will allow residents of the islands to have e-commerce goods delivered to a US address and then have them forwarded to the Caribbean country.

The General Post Office Package and Cargo Service (GPO PAC) has successfully completed a pilot of this service and launched the full service on Friday.

Islanders in the Caribbean aren’t the only ones who have issues with goods being sent from the US. Yesterday (13/10/15) Apex Insight reported how a new company GoSend has opened a locker service based in Delaware for UK customers to have their packages sent before being sent on to a UK address through the company to minimise delivery costs.

The GPO PAC allows the island nation to tap into the US e-commerce market and will enable greater trade for islanders. With companies such as GoSend operating internationally, this can only be good for traders in the UK and trans Atlantic express delivery operators.

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