Staff pay woes at XPO Logistics

After two months of ‘pay lottery’ misery at XPO Logistics where staff have on occasion not been paid it all, Unite the union has called on the company to get its house in order.

The pay problems began when XPO began new contract with a new payroll provider. Initially the problems were described as ‘teething problems’ but now Unite believe this is affecting most of the logistics company’s UK workforce.

XPO Logistics owns and operates warehouses and logistics for a number of high-profile clients including Marks and Spencer’s, B&Q and Iceland.

Some staff have been underpaid, others overpaid, and still other workers not paid it all. The issues are not consistent, and many staff have been left confused about how and when they will be paid correctly.

The problems are causing morale and productivity issues at a number of XPO Logistics sites. These have been exacerbated by the high-handed and unsympathetic manner that XPO has sought to take money from workers it had overpaid.

Unite national officer for logistics and warehouse workers Matt Draper, said: “It is clear that XPO Logistics has got to get its house in order. XPO has tried to downplay these severe pay problems as teething problems but this is a far greater problem, which has been ongoing for months.

“Unite members are fed up playing a perverse lottery every single week where they don’t know what they will be paid until they receive their pay packet and then have to battle to have their pay paid correctly.

“XPO has then poured oil on already troubled waters by the heavy handed manner in which it has sought to claw back money from workers who it has overpaid.

“The company needs to come round the table with Unite, explain how it will resolve these problems and also how it will restore morale and confidence that has been demolished by its own incompetence.”