Wheely staffless mobile grocery store opens in China

Getting the jump on the planned Amazon Go staffless stores, a Swedish startup called Wheely has opened a staffless, autonomous and mobile grocery store on the streets of Shanghai.

Wheely is working in conjunction with Himalafy and Hefei University that the Swedish firm claims will “turn every parking space in the world into a potential new 24-hour store.

The Wheely store is called the Moby Mart, and is the “store that comes to you, instead of you coming to the store”.

While the Moby Mart is being beta tested in Shanghai there is every chance that the system will be launched in other markets should this succeed. According to Wheely, they are “currently working with tech to make the Moby self-driving”. It stocks a range of grocery goods, and shoppers can arrange to pick up a other consumables that can be collected at the Moby Mart when it arrives at a location near you.

According to the company website : “The Moby Mart offers products for immediate consumption, such as milk, lunch, or medicine over the counter, around the clock. Just enter the store, take what you need, and leave. Computers, light bulbs and other stuff can be ordered in advance picked up at your nearest Moby Mart.”

Amazon Go is a little more stead by comparison. It is more like a supermarket or home goods store that you walk into collect your goods and go without paying in much the same way someone would do if they were shoplifting – only you pay for your goods automatically. The Moby Mart is an interesting rival that could wipe out corner shops all over the world – should, of course, the idea get off the ground…

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