Stamp Free works with Prime Vision

Prime Vision, the computer vision integration specialist, has entered a strategic alliance with parcel postage technology specialists Stamp Free to support the expansion of Stamp Free’s reach to existing and new postal and parcel clients worldwide.

Stamp Free is the first independent company in the world to offer a digital stamp product, that allows businesses and customers to effectively ‘stamp’ a letter or parcel using its app. Via the Stamp Free app, using its Digicode solution, the customer pays for the postage without needing to visit a post office or affix a paid-for label. With the Shipcode offering, a similar system gets rid of the need for franking machines, while the Easycode solution deals with return labels.

Commenting on the alliance, Prime Vision CEO Eddy Thans stated, “With Prime Vision’s extensive global experience in integrating postal and parcel solutions using OCR and artificial intelligence, it was a natural step to enter into a partnership with Stamp Free on their digital stamp products.” Stamp Free MD Hugh Craigie Halkett added, “In developing the Stamp Free Digital Postage Solution we have been working with Prime Vision to ensure that mail items sent via the Stamp Free app can be recognized by postal companies utilizing their OCR technology. We are delighted to form a strategic alliance to create an effective end-to-end solution with postal companies.”