launches GlobalPost to round the US leaving the UPU

In response to fears around the US leaving the Universal Postal Union, has launched a new GlobalPost international shipping service.

The new services are not reliant on the US relationship with the UPU. They are in place to ensure that US businesses can continue to ship internationally without disruption and still have similar transit times, customs clearances and competitive rates.

The new GlobalPost delivery network uses partnerships with international postal operators as well as commercial carriers. It has a reach of over 200 countries and territories.

Once more the GlobalPost network offers services not offered by traditional postal services, to include:

  • Global Address Verification: Improve deliverability with real-time address verification
  • No Customs Forms: Send Customs electronically – no forms to print
  • Ship Merchandise in Flats: Save money with international flats/large envelopes
  • Instant Refunds: No more tracking refund requests that can take up to 2 weeks
  • Free Pick-Up Service: Schedule pick-ups when it’s convenient for you (select markets only)
  • Parcel Coverage: $100 Included

“We know customers simply can’t afford disruptions to their shipping services,” said Ken McBride, Chairman and CEO of “That’s why we’re proud to be able to offer these GlobalPost services to our many international shipping customers who have been concerned about the potential USPS disruption caused by the breakdown of the UPU/U.S. relationship. As always, we’re trying to keep our customers a few steps ahead, especially when it comes to the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce shipping.” currently offers two variations of the service, GlobalPost Standard International (includes delivery confirmation) and GlobalPost Economy International (only includes tracking into the destination country).


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