Starship launches last mile delivery in Milton Keynes

Starship Technologies has announced the first ground based commercial autonomous parcel delivery service in the West, to operate in Milton Keynes from today (31 October).

Customers ordering goods can do so through an app that gives them complete control over the timing of delivery. Hundreds of Starship robots will now deliver goods to people’s front doors across Milton Keynes.

Further up the delivery chain, packages will be sent to a facility managed by Starship. On arrival at the depot, customers will be notified of the arrival and they can select a time the package will be delivered as well as a chosen location. The journey of the robot can be tracked in real-time using the app.

“We’re excited that thanks to our technology, local communities across Milton Keynes will never miss a home delivery again,” said Starship chief executive officer Lex Bayer.  “People lead busy and diverse lives. The hassle of needing to re-arrange your life for a delivery will become a thing of the past.”

Bayer continued: “No more having to switch your working from home day, rescheduling meetings, visit a locker, drive to a sorting office or contact a courier all because of a missed delivery. Starship gets packages to consumers when and where they want them. This is the only service of its kind available in the world today, and it works around your lifestyle.”

While Starship claims their delivery robot service is a world first, has been running services in China for just over a year. See our article on the matter elsewhere on the Apex Insight news pages.