Starship starts commercial robot roll-out

Starship Technologies is the first delivery robot company to announce it is to roll-out its first fully commercial delivery services on corporate and academic campuses across the EU and US.

While other companies are just moving into developing delivery robots, Starship are just beginning to large-scale deployment of their delivery vehicles in this sector. There have been successful trials of the system in grocery, food and parcel delivery in residential neighbourhoods around the world.

“We’ve already partnered with Compass Group on the Intuit Mountain View campus in the US to provide accessible, convenient and sustainable robotic delivery,” said chief executive Ahti Heinla.

“After a successful start to the year and great reception to our robots, we are planning to dramatically expand our services and distribute thousands of robots across campuses around the world by 2019.”

According to the company, its robots have now covered more than 100,000 miles around the world in 100 cities and 20 countries, while trundling past more than 15 million people as they have done so.

One of the locations is to be the Intuit Mountain View campus where workers can order food and drink on the Starship app on the 4.3 acre site, throughout the day. According to the company a Starship robot can take 17 minutes to deliver the order made by the staff member, allowing the person to be more productive or to enjoy their breaks – instead of standing in queues…