StreetScooter – new product ranges and factory

StreetScooter’s new manufacturing site that is to be built in Düren, Germany, will have the capacity to build 10,000 of the Deutsche Post DHL e-vehicle manufacturer’s machines a year.

DHL have agreed with the facility owners Neapco that operations at the 78,000 square metre factory will begin in Q2 of 2018.

Earlier this year, StreetScooter announced that it intended to have the capacity to make 20,000 vehicles a year, with another expansion of capacity should the new facility switch to two or three shifts every 24 hours.

“We are now beginning the next phase of development at StreetScooter and showing the world the extraordinary powers of innovation at Deutsche Post DHL,” said Jürgen Gerdes, CEO of Post – eCommerce – Parcel at Deutsche Post DHL Group. “Our goal is and remains market leadership in green logistics. We will therefore continue to focus on e-mobility and other alternative drive concepts to further reduce greenhouse gas emissions.”

There is to be a new StreetScooter model too. The current vehicle has a range of up to 80km and a top speed of around 85km/h. The new model will have a range of up to 200km and a top speed of around 120km/h – motorway speeds.

DHL is also testing several hundred StreetScooter WORK Ls that are equipped with fuel cell drives. In theory these have a range of 500km. DHL are planning test runs of the vehicles for the next two years.

The German logistics giant is also making StreetScooters available to third party companies. Models include the ‘Bakery Vehicle One’ (BV1), a 3.5 tonne van that has been developed with bakeries and other trades. There will be ten versions of the BV1 available, with the chassis variants built by StreetScooter in partnership with TBZ Fahrzeugbau.

According to Deutsche Post DHL Group: “Prices start at €42,950 (i.e. €38,950 once you deduct the €4,000 environmental bonus). StreetScooter has already received more than 100 advance orders.”

Deutsche Post DHL said that StreetScooter is “already either in talks or enjoying active business relationships with” companies in other industries, including energy providers, waste disposal companies, municipalities and airports, facility management enterprises and catering companies. StreetScooter will produce variants tailored to serve a variety of individual needs with such features as variable loading volumes that include power supply, refrigerated containers and tilting load platforms.

“The boost in production capacity will make us better and faster in our efforts to serve third-party customers and meet their heavy demand for our e-vehicles,” said Achim Kampker, CEO of StreetScooter. “In addition, our industry focus and flexible manufacturing methods have put us in a position to produce electric vehicles customized for customers from industry, municipalities and trade. That is something unique on the commercial vehicles market.”
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