StreetScooter takes large Yamato order

Japanese parcel delivery company Yamato has ordered 500 DHL StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles for operations in Japan by this autumn. These will be part of the first large scale rollout of electric vehicles by a Japanese delivery firm.

Yamato has plans to change all 40,000 delivery vehicles in its fleet to electric in fairly short order.

It is believed that StreetScooter is set to build a factory in Japan, but its design is to Yamato’s specifications.

Each vehicle will have a refrigerated cargo bay as well as an ambient temperature cargo bay. This opens at waist height for ergonomic reasons. Local reports attribute the ergonomics as being around making the job more comfortable and attractive for potential new employees in the face of a staff shortage.

The StreetScooter vehicles are set to be used in residential areas in late afternoon thanks to their quietness.

In addition Yamato is to sign a deal of around $36 million to set up a national charging infrastructure with DHL. One charge would get the StreetScooter around 100km and be able to operate around seven hours – or roughly one shift.


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